Interactive Tutorials

Need a little more assistance? These tutorials and documents may assist you with your application needs.

Section 1: Hardware and Overview of EasyBuilder View (15 minutes)

  • Introduction to the different models of the In-Sight 2000
  • Overview of the available In-Sight 2000 accessories
  • EasyBuilder view available within the In-Sight Explorer software

Section 2: Getting Connected and Setting up the Image (20 minutes)

  • Overview of how to get connected to the sensor when it is listed in the network pane, as well as when it is not listed in the network pane.
  • Accessing the generator key to add an emulator to the In-Sight Explorer

Section 3: Vision Tools and Logic (30 minutes)

  • Detailed overview of the different vision tools, including:
    • Location Tools and Inspection Tools
    • Measurement Tools
    • Counting Tools
    • Math and Logic Tools
    • Color Pixel Count Tool
  •   Logic Tool which allows the user to create a logical formula of tool pass and fail signals.

Section 4: Inputs/Outputs and Network Communication (20 minutes)

  • Detailed overview of the Inputs and Outputs, which are on-off logic signals that come from or go to another device, such as a PLC.
  • The communication step which configures the sensor for sending or receiving information for a network.

Section 5: Deployment (20 minutes)

  • Detailed overview of the utilities that are useful when deploying a system, including:
    • Backup
    • Restore From
    • Update Firmware
    • Filmstrip
    • Save Job, and
    • Run Job
  • The different access levels and how to assign the level to the user.


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