In-Sight 3D Standard

This 2-day In-Sight® 3D Standard course teaches students the essential skills of how to connect, acquire, inspect, communicate, create operator interfaces, and prepare for production deployment of their Cognex In-Sight 3D vision system using the latest Vision Suite environment and user interface.

The In-Sight 3D Standard product class gives students an overview of the hardware and software used by the In-Sight 3D system. With the focus on getting their system up and running out of the box and installed for the first time, users learn how to walk through the process of connecting and powering up their vision system, acquiring a good image for inspection, locating and inspecting their parts in a 3D image, and setting the appropriate tolerances through a typical user interface. Students will also learn how to communicate results to the operator interface and other devices through the local network in real-life production environments.

In-Sight 3D spreadsheet software

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Recommended Audience

Control, process, quality engineers and similar roles who need to be able to understand the installation, connection, acquisition, inspection, and communication necessary to build 3D vision application for industrial automation using In-Sight 3D vision systems.

Virtual Events

We use Microsoft Teams to facilitate our virtual training events so that we may bring you the most interactive and engaging training experience.

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For some products that require special licenses and or HW, we provide you with TeamViewer remote logins so you can remotely connect to our physical classroom training stations and Cognex gear. 

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Continuing Education Units

Cognex’s Education Services has been recognized by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) as an Accredited provider of CEUs.

Participants will earn 1.4 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) after successful completion of this training event provided they are an active participant throughout the training event, and are in attendance for 100% of the training event’s designated training hours.



  1. 熟悉Microsoft® Windows®操作环境
  2. 下载并查看产品手册
  3. 下载并查看实验室动手练习手册
  4. 下载并查看供培训使用的图像


控制、流程、质量工程师及类似角色,需要了解使用In-Sight 3D视觉系统构建用于工业自动化的3D视觉应用所需的安装、连接、采集、检测及通讯。

Training Session Info

Virtual Classroom (Live Online)
Instructor will send virtual classroom details and training event date approaches. This class will be taught over 4 half-days from 2pm-6pm Eastern time USA of the scheduled days.

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  1. 硬件和连接
  2. 软件及图像采集
  3. 3DPatMax特征定位
  4. 3D提取工具
  5. 3D测量工具
  6. 输入输出及网络通讯
  7. 用户界面
  8. 部署


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