Modex 2022 Product Demo Highlights

37 minutes 分钟,可随时通过您的桌面访问!

At MODEX, the leading trade show for supply chain, manufacturing, and distribution industries in the US, Cognex presented its newest products to improve operations at warehouses and sorting centers.

Check out our on-demand webinar to see our booth highlights, including:
  • Six-sided barcode reading tunnels with bottom-side area scan technology
  • DataMan 470 barcode readers with High Speed Steerable Mirror for pallet scanning
  • In-Sight 2800, which simplifies Deep Learning 
  • Deep Learning for Item Detection with the In-Sight D900
  • Intelligent Label Placement with 2D, 3D, and AI technology
  • New features of the 3D-A1000, including extended range sensing and tote fill inspection 


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