PowerGrid: Advanced 2D Decoding Technology for Logistics Applications

15 分钟,可随时通过您的桌面访问!


Across the world, Logistics customers are seeing the benefits of moving to 2D symbology throughout their supply chains. This presentation will highlight advanced decoding technology from Cognex – specifically PowerGrid – which has been optimized to read 2D codes reliably and at the highest speeds. This can dramatically reduce waste and ensure parcels get to their intended destination every time.

This presentation will cover:

  • Benefits of 2D codes – most commonly Datamatrix
  • Key elements of 2D code design which affect decodability
  • Typical applications in Logistics and how they could damage these decoding elements
  • Overview of Cognex PowerGrid technology with a live demo
  • Methods for detecting and flagging errors when code quality drops


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