How to improve line speeds and increase throughput with AI-based machine vision

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High speed, high resolution, high flexibility. The In-Sight 3800 has it all. This advanced vision system provides a powerful, yet easy-to-use, solution for automated inspections. Embedded with a full set of robust rule-based tools and innovative edge learning technology, In-Sight 3800 solves a wide range of manufacturing applications, from defect detection and assembly verification to character reading and more. In this webinar learn how the In-Sight 3800 enables you to:

  • Run more inspections in less time – Maximize throughput with high-speed processing and quick setup
  • Improve the accuracy of your results – Generate high-contrast, high-resolution images that detect even the most subtle defects
  • Seamlessly scale your solution – Solve jobs, from easy to complex, using a common software platform


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