What you missed - LogiMat and Modex Demo Recap

8:00 AM - 8:30 AM
30 minutes
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Tuesday 7th April |  14:00 CET (Berlin)

Cognex image-based barcode readers and machine vision sensors guide, inspect, measure and identify items. At MODEX, the leading trade show for supply chain, manufacturing and distribution industries in the US, Cognex presented their latest products that can help operators to increase efficiency in their warehouses. As we all missed out LogiMAT, we are happy to invite you to this webinar to see some of MODEX show high lights including:

  • The next generation of six-sided scan tunnel to handle packages with labels in any orientation
  • The new bottom-side scanner which offers an complete area-scan, image-based solution to facilitate image analysis
  • The item detection solution to detect if they are suitable for further automated handling
  • The latest DataMan barcode readers including the high-resolution DataMan 475 series
  • Edge intelligence, the control center and brain of your operations

This webinar will provide insight of barcode technology and 3D machine vision and how you can optimize your logistics operations.