Advanced Machine Vision for the Food and Beverages Industry

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
60 minutes
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How Cognex technology can help you safeguard product quality, increase productivity and facilitate digitization of your manufacturing supply chain


June 3rd | 3 pm CET (Berlin), 2 pm BST (London)

Anti-counterfeiting, mixed-product lines, varying batch size and tighter regulations to track ingredients, products and packages across the entire supply chain – the challenges to safeguard product quality while maintaining process efficiency high seem manifold. Cognex offers a range of solutions based on machine vision to address these challenges. 
This presentation will cover: 

  • Overview of the most common applications, including
    • Packaging inspection
    • Contamination detection
    • Product consistency 
    • Seal inspection 
    • Lot code reading
    • Barcode reading
  • Traditional machine vision solutions
  • New, deep learning-based solutions, including the new In-Sight D900 smart camera
  • Track and trace solutions, including the new DataMan 475V Inline Verifier to ensure ISO compliance of barcodes on labels
  • Cross-platform systems and IOT solutions

Register today to understand how you can benefit from Cognex experience of over 35 years in machine vision and industrial barcode reading to improve efficiency in pharmaceutical manufacturing.