ViDi Green Classify tool example on blood vial separations over green point cloud

Green Classify 工具



Green Classify 工具是深度学习解决方案,在制造业用于区分各种类型的物体、识别缺陷类型,甚至可以检测图像。使用一系列标记图像学习后,Green Classify 即可根据颜色、纹理、材料、包装和缺陷类型等常见特征识别和分拣产品。

Examples of different package types on a conveyor
Green-Classify Tool finding okay and defective examples with interference


Green Classify 工具可迅速解决复杂的分类任务,避免复杂且耗时的编程。直观的 ViDi 界面使设置和部署工作变得非常简单,直接在车间即可完成。


这个强大的图像分析软件能够容受同类的自然偏差,同时可靠地区分不同类的可接受差异。和其他需要成千上万训练图像的大部分深度学习软件不同,Green Classify 工具只需几分钟即可使用几十到几百张图像完成训练。然后可在车间直接使用更多的图像对训练模型进行微调,直到它能完美地分类。

ViDi Green-Classify Tool identifying a chip, scratch, and stain
Green tool software classifying up and down pecans and NG dented packaging
HDM can accurately classify parts even when differences are subtle and there is a lot of variation, and is very powerful at picking up subtle characteristics.

Choose the best tool mode depending on application needs

The Green Classify tool can be used on two different settings: focused mode or high detail mode. Focused mode is ideal for simpler applications where robust results are needed quickly. High detail mode is a powerhouse classifier for the most challenging and complex applications, which demand maximum accuracy. High detail mode also comes with a visual feedback feature to help further tune the neural network.

Users can change between modes without re-labeling images. Unlike most deep learning-based software, which require thousands of training images, the Green Classify tool trains on tens to hundreds of images in just minutes. Focus mode is good for simple applications that require a smaller set of images, a shorter training period, and run time. High detail mode is good for complex applications that require a relatively larger set of training images. Both modes can be further refined with additional images, directly on the factory floor, until it segments classes perfectly.



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