VisionView Web is a family of devices that display web-based human-machine interfaces (WebHMIs). These devices offer runtime visualization for monitoring and controlling Cognex vision systems, sensors, and barcode readers, directly on the factory floor. Having this technology near the production line makes it more efficient to set up and monitor runtime operations. Through the intuitive interface, users can discover devices on their local network, access tool parameters, and configure their applications.

Finger touching display panel showing inspection results of connector cables
  • Automatic system discovery  Quickly detect any WebHMI-capable Cognex In-Sight or DataMan system on your network.
  • Mix and match HMIs  View In-Sight and DataMan WebHMIs in a tiled view, up to 4 connections at a time.
  • Graphical interface  Display full color images, with graphic overlays and operator controls.
  • Job change management  Eliminate downtime during changeovers by training applications and modifying configurations on the plant floor.
  • Fast image updates – See the most recent inspection images to monitor your process in real time.
  • Access to tool parameters – View operator controls and items selected from the software directly on the display panel.
  • No PC required – Connect to local automation networks and get monitoring and configuration capabilities, without a PC
Web-based human machine interface display panel and HDMI box

Platform options

VisionView Web is available on two hardware platforms – VisionView Web Panel and VisionView Web HDMI. VisionView Web Panel is a 9 inch (229 mm) touch screen and VisionView Web HDMI is a screenless device that connects to third-party displays. Each option allows operators to load jobs, adjust tool parameters and regions of interest, and see inspection results on the factory floor.

  • (2) USB ports for connecting a mouse or keyboard, or storing images and jobs on a removable drive
  • Connect and monitor up to 4 systems
Hand holding In-Sight 2800 vision system and DataMan barcode reader beneath it

Compatible Cognex WebHMI Systems

VisionView Web supports all WebHMI-capable In-Sight vision systems and sensors and DataMan fixed-mount barcode readers.

*When WebHMI is enabled


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