PC-based vision software simplifies automated inspections for automotive, electric vehicle, and electronics manufacturers

EtherInspect is a PC-based software that simplifies the development of complex machine vision inspections. Embedded with powerful vision tools from the VisionPro and VisionPro Deep Learning libraries, the integrated platform solves a range of applications, including measurement and gauging, robotic guidance, identification, and defect detection. Compatible with various cameras, hardware accessories, communication protocols, and PLC interfaces, EtherInspect offers the flexibility to build a customizable solution, while optimizing application performance.

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Key Features

  • Rule-based, edge learning, and deep learning tools
  • Built-in PLC communications
  • Supports a range of third-party devices and accessories
  • Minimal coding for entry-level users
  • Scripting and tool blocks for experienced users
  • Support for up to 12 physical cameras with 64 total connections

Electrode coating inspection
EV battery cell inspection
Cylinder inspection
Wheel inspection

Automate faster and easier with job templates and flexible camera connections 

EtherInspect shortens time to market by offering templates that simplify job setup and virtual and hybrid camera connections that enable fast system integration.  

Pre-selected tool sets facilitate quick deployment and allow users to easily scale common applications, reducing development time.

2D Bead Inspect Template
Template for width and location
Part Array Template
Template for counting and inspecting a group of parts
Virtual cameras
Virtual camera technology enables multiple software connections to the same camera, allowing users to run concurrent inspections with a single device. A common use for this technology is in multi-point inspections, where a robot positions the camera around an assembly to be inspected and EtherInspect executes the inspection. With this setup, operators can monitor all inspections on one screen.
Hybrid cameras
Hybrid camera technology calibrates multiple cameras to produce one image. A common use for this technology is inspecting large parts where the field of view and resolution required exceeds the limits of a single camera. By using multiple cameras, a single high-resolution image is obtained. EtherInspect can locate features and take measurements across the stitched image.

Optimize efficiency with a single device

EtherInspect is camera-agnostic and supports a variety of third-party hardware and vision accessories to facilitate easy integration. With the ability to host up to 64 camera connections, the software allows one device to run multiple functions at the same time.

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Flexible development options

EtherInspect offers (4) levels of application development to accommodate users of all skill sets.

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