NATICK, MA, USA 五月 21, 2008

Cognex Promotes Markku Jaaskelainen to Executive Vice President and President of its Surface Inspection Systems Division

NATICK, Mass., May 21, 2008—Cognex Corporation (NASDAQ: CGNX), has promoted Dr. Markku Jaaskelainen to Executive Vice President of the corporation and President of its Surface Inspection Systems Division (SISD). Dr. Jaaskelainen reports to the company’s President, Dr. Robert J. Shillman.

Dr. Jaaskelainen joined Cognex in 1999 as Vice President and General Manager of the Surface Inspection Systems Division. This division, which was formed in 1997 from the acquisitions of Isys Controls and Mayan Automation, designs and manufactures very specialized, high-speed vision systems that are used to detect and classify surface defects in materials such as paper, metals, nonwovens, glass and plastics which are manufactured on a continuous web. 

“Markku is an outstanding businessman and leader who has done a superb job of building Cognex’s business in the surface inspection market over the past nine years,” said Dr. Robert Shillman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Cognex. “Under his leadership, Cognex developed and launched SmartView®, the most widely-used surface inspection system in the world today. This innovative product has been instrumental in increasing Cognex’s market share in both the paper and metals industries, and expanding our business into new industries. Markku’s strategic market development skills have also enabled Cognex to enter and become the leader in emerging regional markets for surface inspection, especially in Japan and China. SISD’s revenue has grown from $10 million in 1999 to three times that in 2007, and, we expect, by considerably more than that in 2008 with Asian markets representing over 50% of the revenue.”

Prior to joining Cognex, Dr. Jaaskelainen served as Vice President of System Strategy and New Product Development for Honeywell-Measurex.  He holds a Master’s Degree and Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland.

Robin Pratt
Sr. Manager, Corporate Communications
Cognex Corporation
phone:  (858) 350-5065


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