NATICK, MA, USA 三月 24, 2008

Cognex Expands Investment in Japan

NATICK, MA, March 24, 2008--Cognex Corporation (NASDAQ: CGNX) has announced the opening of a new office in Toyota City, Japan. 

The new office, which opened on March 3, will provide a local base for serving Toyota City and the surrounding Tokai region, which are centers for automotive manufacturing and factory automation in Japan. 

“This new facility gives Cognex a strong presence right in the heart of one of Japan’s busiest manufacturing regions,” said Dr. Robert J. Shillman, Cognex Chairman and CEO.  “Our presence in Toyota City will enable Cognex to expand our business on the factory floors of major manufacturers in Japan by providing more responsive support, and also by strengthening our ties with regional sales partners.” 

The Toyota City office will enhance convenience and save time for customers working with Cognex by providing a support center close to their offices and factories.  The new Cognex office will be staffed by sales and support engineers and by training specialists, and will include state-of-the-art demonstration and training rooms where potential customers can experience Cognex’s advanced technology in action and attend classes to learn how to apply Cognex products in their manufacturing operations. 

Office Information:
Cognex K.K. Toyota City
Nihon Seimei-Toyota Building, 3F, 8-137,
Yamanote, Toyota-shi Aichi-ken 471-0833 Japan.
Telephone:  81-565-26-7155 
Fax:  81-565-26-7177.

Robin Pratt
Sr. Manager, Corporate Communications
Phone:  508-650-3385


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