What Does Culture Mean at Cognex?

Work Hard – We are passionate about our work. We work hard because we are empowered to make a difference.

Play Hard – Jump out of an airplane with our company chairman? Get in a giant paint fight with the CEO? Launch pumpkins from a catapult for prizes? Maybe it’s just having beers with friends at a Friday after-work social. Regardless, Cognex goes all out to reward those who work hard with creative opportunities to play hard.

Move Fast! – The sooner we test that new idea, the sooner we understand its potential. Staying nimble keeps work interesting and Cognex innovating.

Cognoid · /käɡˌnoid/

Noun - Big picture thinkers. Dreamers and doers. Creators with a passion for reimagining the world through technology and creativity. Highly skilled and highly valued members of the Cognex team.

At Cognex, We Celebrate our Values Every Day

Cognoids are customer-centric. We believe in excellence, perseverance, and creativity. We’re proud of what we do, and the integrity with which we do it.

We recognize one another’s efforts, and share our success. We are enthusiastic, and we have fun. We are engineers, automation experts, support professionals, and most of all, partners to our valued customers.

Let’s Talk Recognition

Because Cognex believes in recognizing hard work and achievement, we’ve created the ReCOGnition program to honor Cognoids and their accomplishments. The program features peer-to-peer awards, manager-to-Cognoid awards, and the President’s Award for the best-of-the-best each year. In addition, the company’s top sales engineers are recognized with an all-expenses-paid vacation to a deluxe resort.

Success Requires Perseverance

The Cognex Perseverance Award recognizes the importance of perseverance to our success. As a Cognoid, you’ll be rewarded with a free trip to an exciting destination every five years starting with a $1,500 trip on your fifth anniversary, increasing to $6,000 on the tenth, and up to $20,000 by your 25th anniversary. After thirty years at Cognex, the company opens a charitable gift account in your name and deposits $25,000 for you to donate to the charities of your choice.

At Cognex, We Take Fun Seriously

We believe that fun leads to connection, collaboration, growth . . . and even more fun.

That is why we invest in creating a rewarding workplace where Cognoids can work hard and play hard together. And, like all things at Cognex, we strive to make it unique and creative.

Join Us

At Cognex, you’ll become part of a talented community of Cognoids located around the world. Teams from Barcelona to Boulder, Cork to Cupertino, to Shanghai, Seoul, Aachen, Budapest, Auckland, Cambridge, Tokyo, and beyond, work together every day to create leading-edge technology and serve our customers.

Our global headquarters is located in Natick, Massachusetts, just 20 miles outside of Boston, where Cognex opened its first office in 1981.

Wherever in the world you are, we want to give you a great place to do your best work. Come explore a career at Cognex.


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