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VisionView 900 Visualization Solution

"Better, stronger, faster" this is not the Olympic motto or the tag line for The Six Million Dollar Man TV series, it’s the best description of VisionView® 900, the newest industrial operator panel from Cognex.

The more visualization you have into what your vision system does, the more effective it is as a technology, that’s why I’m so excited about the upgrade of this operator display panel. You can now see more of your vision inspections than ever, view up to nine In-Sight® vision systems and/or DataMan® barcode readers on one screen, and use the panel to access tool parameters. VisionView 900 can be controlled without having to learn programming tools or software so you are far more likely to get machine vision added to your line to help with achieving your manufacturing quality control goals.

The VisionView 900 offers you the best of all worlds for machine vision equipment: superior visualization performance and functionality without the need for a PC. And besides the display panel, there are three other platform options to choose from!


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