The Advantages of An In-Line 3D Inspection System

When you set up an array of 3D laser displacement sensors that look read DOT codes on your existing production line you gain several benefits: first, you don’t need to add additional machinery to your line and the footprint remains the same. This is very important where space is at a premium. Second, you gain the flexibility of being able to inspect the DOT codes from either above or below the line at speeds from 90 to 250 feet per minute. The system has no moving parts to wear out or break down and there is far less set up and maintenance. It’s much safer and requires fewer skilled operators to be involved.

Here's how in-line 3D DOT code reading solution works. First, you install an array of 3D laser displacement sensors above or below your line. These heads extract 3D images of the tires going by and bring the images together into one, then advanced technology from Cognex locates and reads the alphanumeric DOT codes of every tire that passes across the width of your belt. You get a reliable, robust solution that can easily keep up with the speed of your line. This set-up is very flexible and allows you to easily read DOT codes on an unlimited number of tire makes and models regardless of size, diameter, width, font style, code sizes and changes in tread profiles.

Contact a sales engineer see if an array of 3D laser displacement sensors is right for your line!


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