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Part 5: 5 Things to Look for in a Vision Sensor Standardized Setup Environment

Feature #5: Standardized setup environment

Are you looking for a vision sensor to help with simple presence/absence inspections on your manufacturing floor? On paper, all vision sensors look like they could get the job done. But, selecting a sensor with 5 specific features will help ensure your error-proofing applications run smoothly and accurately.

Technology and application requirements are constantly evolving. When selecting a vision sensor, it is important to consider not only current inspection needs but also future applications that may require more powerful and flexible vision systems. That's why In-Sight 2000 vision sensors are configured with In-Sight Explorer software, the world's most widely used environment for configuring and maintaining machine vision applications.

Learn how the In-Sight 2000 can help you with your error-proofing applications.

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