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Know Your Readers

I've always been taught, that if you want to get your message across, and develop useful content, that only good can come from understanding your audience. So to get this blog rolling, I thought I'd ask you, the folks interested in machine vision, what you might want to see me write about. While working on my writing plan and shaping my ideas, I've come up with a few questions for you…

  • What are the biggest challenges you encounter within your production process?
  • In what ways are you working to improve quality or process control?
  • How do you go about justifying investments in automation technology to management?
  • What strategies do you implement to gain competitive advantage in your marketplace?

Do you have specific questions about a Cognex product or solution? As the world-leader in Machine Vision, with more than a million systems deployed, Cognex has extensive experience providing solutions. Chances are, we may have solved a problem very similar to what you're currently experiencing!



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