How to Set Up FTP Job Server on In-Sight Camera

Machine vision camera lens on banner showing successfully read 1d and 2d codes

If you need extra storage space for the images generated by your Cognex In-Sight camera, saving them to an FTP Job Server is a useful and convenient option. FTP stands for file transfer protocol. It’s a widespread standard for moving and storing large files in a computer network. To use FTP, you must first create an FTP Job Server to work with In-Sight Explorer. The attached video shows you how to do this.

The video covers the following key issues:

System Requirements

The basic system requirements for setting up an FTP Job Server are:

  • An In-Sight machine vision system, including cameras or sensors. (Note: All In-Sight cameras support FTP and are configured similarly.)
  • FTP Server connected to the same network as your In-Sight vision system 
  • Credentials to access the network (IP address, username, password).
  • Designated FTP folders for storing In-Sight jobs and images
  • An FTP server client like FileZilla

Getting Started with In-Sight Job Server Setup 

When all the requirements are in place, the In-Sight FTP Job Server can be configured. For this video demonstration, the FileZilla client is used for configuration.

The first step is to add users. In FileZilla, click the Edit pulldown menu, choose Users and select the option to add or create a new user. From there, name the user and assign a password.

Next, create a shared folder for sorting In-Sight images. The folder should be created on the same PC used for developing the application. After the folder is created, navigate to Users, click the Shared Folders option, and give users read/write/delete/append access to it.

Finally, click the lightning bolt icon in the top left to take the FTP Job Server online. 

Configuring the In-Sight Camera

Once the FTP server is set up, it’s time to connect it to your In-Sight camera.

The In-Sight Explorer application has a Network option on the left side of the interface, which displays the available cameras. Clicking on the camera’s icon opens the Easy Builder interface. From there, select the Sensor pulldown and choose Job Server Settings. This calls up a dialog box where the following information is entered for your stored files: computer’s IP address, Server Port, Username, and Password.

To ensure proper configuration, go to the File pulldown, select Open Job, and search within your PC to find working jobs. The Job Server icon on the bottom left of the screen connects via FTP to the Job Site. Click on that icon prompts all active jobs to display on the right side of the screen.


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