Get Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Lines Ready for Tougher Serialization and Traceability Standards

I just saw an interesting piece in Pharmaceutical Commerce magazine regarding governments’ efforts to implement serialization and traceability standards and the pharmaceutical industry’s response on their production and packaging lines.

The article asserts that nearly all of the major manufacturers have active serialization implementations going on, so there is an acute need for machine vision systems equipped with the technology to ensure packages are being coded properly.

In-Sight® Track & Trace 2.0 from Cognex helps pharmaceutical manufacturers and packagers meet serialization and traceability standards. Track & Trace 2.0 can read and decode multiple barcode formats and is programmed to meet 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines on electronic records and electronic signatures.

You can learn more about how machine vision is helping the pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging industries meet serialization and traceability standards from our Expert Guide, Ensuring Pharmaceutical Production Quality with Machine Vision.

If you want to know if a machine vision system with In-Sight Track & Trace 2.0 can help you meet serialization and traceability standards, contact a Cognex Sales Engineer.


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