Easy In Action In-Sight 7010

An interesting article from controldesign.com on 12 November 2012 explains the recent trend in vision systems to make setting up and running inspection applications easier for non-machine vision experts by creating tools and terminology that are easy to understand.

A perfect example of this trend is Cognex’s release of the In-Sight 7010.

Getting the optics and lighting correct is often the most challenging part of a machine vision project. In-Sight 7010 is an entry-level vision system that features integrated lighting and autofocus.

Autofocus makes changeovers from one part size to another much easier. Previously, that required manual intervention. Now with the click of an auto-focus button, one can adjust for the best focus value during part changeovers without needing to manually adjust the focus.

It's even possible to preprogram several different focal settings into the device, allowing machine builders and their customers to set up recipes ahead of time. To extend its usefulness, the system was introduced with five different integrated lens options. These allow it to match requirements for working distance and field of view.

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