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Top Four Advantages Over Laser Scanners

So one of my main goals for my work life is to convince you to do away with laser scanners for logistics barcode scanning applications and move to what I like to call “Supercharged” camera-based barcode readers.

The way I see it, is that there are four really good reasons to use our new camera-based barcode reading technology over lasers:

  1. Higher read rates: lasers cannot compete with higher read rates that can reduce costs and increase throughput
  2. Powerful visualization: by seeing what the reader sees, and storing images, DCs have access to data for continuous process improvement
  3. Lower equipment costs: because camera-based ID readers have no moving parts, they are inherently more robust than laser scanners
  4. Future proofing: because imagers can read two-dimensional (2-D) codes, the logistics industry can keep pace with this future trend

Keep reading this blog if you need to learn more about these reasons and others.


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