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Replacing Small Laser Scanners

The introduction of our new DataMan 50/60 series earlier this year has enabled applications that currently use small laser scanners to upgrade to image-based barcode readers!

The same powerful code reading technology that found in our high end DataMan barcode readers was incorporated into a compact housing (the DataMan 50 measures just 23.5mm x 27mm x 43.5mm!). The DataMan 50/60 series is ideal for customers who want to improve read rates; especially if they have barcodes printed on reflective or pliable surfaces or damaged barcodes.

Image-based readers offer many advantages over laser scanners, and are now available in a package size and at a price point that enables users to upgrade without having to make changes to the application or to their budgets.

In my next few blogs, we’ll go into detail about the features that the DataMan 50/60 series offer which deliver instant benefits to customers.


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