Connecting Ethernet-based Handheld ID Readers With a PLC

Cognex Connect™ is our suite of industrial protocols that supports Cognex vision system and barcode reader integration: EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, SLMP (Seamless Message Protocol), Modbus/TCP, as well as FTP and TCP/IP, etc. I thought you might want to read an example of connecting our Ethernet-based Handheld Barcode Scanners using EtherNet/IP with Rockwell® Add-on Profile (AOP).

We’ve made it so easy with Cognex Connect, only four steps. The first one would be to load an electronic data sheet (EDS) that we supply with our DataMan barcode readers using Rockwell’s EDS wizard software, RSLogix™. You would then load the Cognex AOP using Rockwell’s AOP setup utility. The third step is to set up a new module on the PLC, add a unique name and set the IP address of the reader itself. Last, you would define your input and output nodes and you’d be on your way to writing your application and defining the logic associated with it.

So we really try to make it as user friendly as possible and easy to integrate our barcode readers within your factory network and processes. I think it’s a really nice tool.


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