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Adapt Or Die In the World of Handheld Barcode Readers

In the spirit of Charles Darwin (Chuck would have celebrated his 205th birthday yesterday) I want to tell you about some evolutionary adaptations we have built into the new DataMan 8050 Series of handheld barcode readers.

Our customers face constantly changing communication needs on the production line and in the warehouse, so we created a handheld reader that adapts to these changes. The DataMan 8050 Series is completely modular and is available in both corded and wireless communication modules, so it can support industry-standard communications including USB, USB Keyboard, RS-232 and Bluetooth wireless communication to a base station.

Another evolutionary adaptation of the DataMan 8050 Series is its industrial-strength ruggedness and ability to operate effectively in tough work environments. So if you are looking for handheld barcode readers that are going to adapt and evolve with your business, take a look at the DataMan 8050 Series.


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