3 Advantages of Ethernet-based Handheld Barcode Scanners

Last time I explained that the DataMan 8000 is the first handheld barcode reader to support Ethernet protocols. Now let’s talk about why we would want to do that. Why bother?

When the reader gets to operate at the Control Level with other Ethernet-enabled devices then you can get rid of the black box, whether it’s a PC or other translation device, and communicate directly with the PLC. Because it has Ethernet, the DataMan 8000 works as a node on your network and has a discreet IP address, which means it’s accessible from any terminal on the network.

The top 3 benefits include:

  1. Easier and faster deployment of handheld readers
  2. Reduced installation and maintenance costs
  3. And remote access for diagnostics

But I’ll save those details for another post. Stay tuned for additional information on each of these benefits.


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