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  • Cost of Poor Barcode Quality

    01-14-2020 - Naomi Brown

    As a consumer, you’ve probably witnessed a cashier at a retail store attempting to scan a barcode several times before giving up and typing in the UPC code manually. Now more
  • How to Select the Right Barcode Verifier for Your Organization

    12-10-2019 - Naomi Brown

    Barcodes enable inventory management, product tracking and traceability, marketing, and workflow management. They deliver on the promise of creating more efficient work more
  • 读码器和条码验证器有什么区别?

    11-06-2019 - Naomi Brown

    条码是产品、包装或零件上的机器可读图案。一维条码和二维码中包含的数据用于信息和营销目的,以及在其生命周期中用于跟踪产品。代码通常有两种应用到零件的方式:将代码加到包装或标签上,通常使用喷墨或热印刷方法;或通过打点、化学刻蚀或激光标记等直接部件标识 (DPM) 方法直接永久性地标记到零件上。  使用一维条码或二维码可以自动化和简化供应链管理 more
  • Application Standards for Barcode Verification

    10-07-2019 - Naomi Brown

    Barcode verification is the process of grading the quality of 1D, 2D, and direct part mark (DPM) codes to specified standards. Many producers already monitor the quality more
  • What are the ISO Standards for Barcode Verification?

    09-10-2019 - Naomi Brown

    The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) founded in 1947 is a standard-setting body composed of representatives from various national standards more
  • 什么是条码验证

    08-08-2019 - Naomi Brown

    从制造商到包装商和零售商,各行各业的公司都使用条码来跟踪其从生产到销售点的产品。无法扫描条码的后果可能是灾难性的,会减慢生产线并导致成本高昂的重印、产品浪费和零售商退款。越来越多的行业要求符合国际标准化组织 (ISO) 代码质量规范或必须符合其自己的条码质量参数并进行检查。那么条码生产商如何保证代码是可读的呢?条码生产商在哪里能找到打标流程 more
  • Key Principles of Laser Marking and Implications for DPM Code Quality

    05-20-2019 - Naomi Brown

    Laser marking is a non-contact, fast method of applying marks permanently on metal or plastic surfaces. While there are other methods of applying semi-permanent marks more
  • Managing Barcode Quality: Do You Need a Verifier?

    04-04-2018 - Naomi Brown

    From brand owners and manufacturers to packagers and retailers, people across industries use barcodes to track their products from production to the point of sale. A more