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Brainlab Achieves Sub-Millimetric Accuracy for Patient Positioning with Revolutionary 3D Vision System

Animation of Cognex A5000 camera inside Brainlab Exactrac vision system


带有 VisionPro 的 3D-L4000 产品照片

支持 VisionPro 的 3D-L4000

具有基于 PC 的开发环境的三维激光位移传感器

3D-A5000 Series Area Scan 3D Camera

3D-A5000 系列

以良好的性能、精度和坚固性解决 3D 应用问题。

Computer-based technologies, as we are familiar with from the consumer world, are now used in modern operating rooms. One example of such an application is image-guided radiotherapy, which helps medical professionals perform non-invasive procedures.

Radiotherapy is a cancer treatment that uses ionizing radiation, delivered by a linear accelerator, to kill malignant cells and shrink tumors. As this is a non-invasive procedure, the patient is fully conscious during the treatment, but they must remain exactly in the planned position (isocenter). Sometimes there are only millimeters between benign, extremely important tissue, such as the speech center, and the tumor tissue. The eradication of the malignant tissue must be as precise as possible, so the patient's position is closely tracked.

Harnessing Innovation to Improve Patient Treatment

Brainlab is a global provider of surgical hardware and software. Their advanced products span across numerous fields, including oncology (specifically radiotherapy and radiosurgery), image-guided surgery, and integrated operating room solutions and image sharing and enhancement. Specifically, Brainlab’s radiotherapy solutions provide the ability to plan, monitor, and deliver radiation treatment for patients with cancerous or functional diseases, and achieve high precision throughout the whole course of the treatment.

More Accurate and More Effective Radiation Therapy

Brainlab’s ExacTrac® Dynamic System makes it possible to perform radiotherapy treatments with sub-millimetric precision. ExacTrac Dynamic tracks the patient’s position in real-time with the thermal surface camera and uses X-rays for internal verification (bony anatomy). A patient’s positioning is continuously monitored by ExacTrac Dynamic throughout the entire treatment and adjusted, if necessary, in case of deviations.

However, developing this groundbreaking positioning and monitoring system was a complex process requiring a high-performance surface camera. ExacTrac Dynamic achieves sub-millimetric accuracy on skin and on devices on or around the patient, and this accuracy is required at all times. To ensure this, the 3D camera used in the ExacTrac Dynamic system must not only be incredibly accurate but also very fast.

Observing the patient at every linear accelerator and couch angle was another challenge in building the system because the camera had to be placed at a specific position to have the optimal distance to the patient. The system must avoid exposure to any potential obstructions.

Finally, the system also needed to merge the heat signature images produced by the thermal camera with the patient’s reconstructed 3D surface structure as an added dimension to track the patient’s position.

To address these challenges, Brainlab chose Cognex to provide the right surface camera for the task – the 3D-A5000.

High-Precision 3D Camera for High-Precision Applications

Cognex’s 3D-A5000 is an area scan 3D camera designed to quickly capture high-resolution and highly accurate 3D images. It features 3D LightBurst technology which rapidly acquires images to maximize throughput.

LightBurst technology casts a unique blue light pattern on a part to deliver a full field-of-view (FOV) 3D point cloud image as fast as 200 milliseconds, allowing higher throughput and shorter cycle times for time-critical applications. 3D point cloud images are constructed from over 1.5 million 3D data points to accurately reconstruct surface features of an image.

Transforming Healthcare through Impactful, Patient-Focused Solutions

With the ExacTrac Dynamic patient positioning and monitoring system, which incorporates Cognex’s 3D imaging technology, global medical professionals are experiencing the difference a system like this has on treating challenging medical conditions, such as multiple brain metastases, and prostate and spine tumors. This revolutionary system – with its high level of accuracy, improved patient comfort, and straightforward workflows – is being applied to new treatments to further advance the possibilities of patient positioning.


Disclaimer: Neither Cognex’s 3D-A5060 Area Scan 3D Vision System, nor any other Cognex System, is a medical device or accessory to a medical device nor is intended for diagnosis or treatment purposes nor has been cleared or approved for use by the Food & Drug Administration. For detailed information of Brainlab Radiosurgery/Radiotherapy System (including without limitation its status as a medical device and its function), please contact Brainlab. Nothing in this article constitutes any representation, warranty or assurance of any Cognex System, nor any Brainlab Radiosurgery/Radiotherapy System.

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