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In-Sight Vision Systems

Easy to use, industrial-grade smart cameras with advanced machine vision technology

In-Sight Vision Systems Features

Cognex In-Sight® vision systems are unmatched in their ability to inspect, identify and guide parts. These self-contained, industrial-grade vision systems combine a library of advanced vision tools with high-speed image acquisition and processing. A wide range of models, including line scan and color systems, meet all price and performance requirements. Best of all, configuring and deploying an In-Sight vision system has never been easier.

Industry leading machine vision performance
The true test of a vision system is that it works under real world conditions on the factory floor. This principle is what ensures that In-Sight vision systems can give you reliable, repeatable performance even in the most challenging vision applications.

Exceptional application and integration flexibility
The flexibility of the In-Sight family of vision systems can be defined in a number of ways:

  • Processing power
  • Resolution
  • Vision tools
  • Connectivity
  • Operator interface

Easy to deploy and maintain
With the In-Sight EasyBuilder® configuration software, even the most powerful vision tools are accessible to users with little vision experience. With In-Sight vision systems, you have the tools you need to keep your line operating on schedule and at full throughput:

  • TestRun system validation,
  • Cognex Connect suite of communications protocols, and
  • Cognex Explorer control center

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